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Falling asleep to Totoro. [Oct. 4th, 2009|01:30 am]
[I hear |AU - RR vs D]

Last night I went to go see Why? with a friend who shares my name and guess who was there! Okay, I'll tell you! Andrew Broder from Fog!

If you know me well, you know that Andy is one of my favorite songwriters of all time. I got to talk to him for like a whole 10 seconds and it was the best 10 seconds everrr. He and Yoni Wolf (lead singer of Why?) also wrote one of the best songs everrr entitled "21st Century Pop Song." The show was really good, which is good because if it had been shitty I would swear off Why? shows for good. I usually think it's really dumb when people complain about bands getting too popular, but with Why? I totally get it. Their shows have gone from being very intimate and I guess delicate affairs to being really sweaty, wild events filled with drunkenly inconsiderate, moshing teens. I think the fact that so much of my adolescence was tied to Why? makes me think the experience should be exclusive to me and few others, but I know that's not true and I have to get over it. Also I'm getting too old for shows anyway. I'm glad they're getting the recognition they deserve and that more people are connecting with their music. And it's more fun for Yoni even if it's not more fun for me. Also the drummer in the AU, the very impressive opener, was super jacked and looks like a mix between Hugh Jackman and Chris Masterson so of course I am in love.


Beforehand we shared a burrito at Qdoba and it was the best ever. Even though I lost my phone for like 20 hours and missed the ~Single Ladies~ party, all in all it was a good night.

Other than that, I'm going home soon, I have a shit ton of work, and I need to get my abroad shit together. Also, I have a radio show again this semester. It's called Hatari and broadcasts from 6 to 8 PM EST on WSRN every Monday. Since broadcasting (livestreaming & podcasting) was fucked up last Monday, I'm basically using the same playlist again. If you're mad you can just deal. It's filled with good shit anyway. I'm trying get through all my favorite kpop from the summer so that it doesn't end up dominating future playlists, revealing me to be the outcast that I truly am inside lol.

Hope all is well.

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I wish the tide would take me over [Aug. 17th, 2009|04:06 am]
[I hear |Taken By Trees - Anna]

I just realized I have a folder full of Christopher Walken pictures in my photobucket. Wtf is wrong with me?

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If you haven't seen his telefilm Who Am I This Time, you should! It's based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut and is wonderful. Susan Sarandon is in it as well.

K bye!
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2009|10:24 pm]
[I hear |Sway - Black Stars]

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Ahoy! [Apr. 5th, 2009|02:32 pm]
[I hear |I don't listen to music anymore!]

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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2009|02:17 am]
[I hear |Pattern is Movement - Untitled (How Does It Feel) (D'Angelo Cover)]

It's weird to think that a month ago I was in Uganda. Maybe I will post pictures someday.
So what's been going on for the past month? Idk really. I saw Amy Sedaris at Haverford a few weeks ago. Her "faux" racism is not very funny. I'm taking Psych 1 & African Art instead of Sociology of Science & Intro to the Study of World Music. I had a crush on Shia LaBeouf for like 3 minutes until I remembered how he (allegedly) used to beat up his girlfriend pre-Disturbia/Transformers/fame. I went to my first First Friday and it was really boss.

KARA is my favorite kpop group right now, but SoHee is my favorite kpopstar. I hate "Pretty Girl," but "Honey" and that yodel-y song on their 2nd mini-album are top notch.

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